Drohnenaufnahme des Nordbrand Nordhausen Werksgeländes

Your alcohol from the city with over 500 years of distilling tradition

The alcohol trading business of Nordbrand Nordhausen offers you a reliable partner at your side. Since 1990 the marketing of ethanol has been one of our core skills. With professional service and personalised consultancy, we are the first stop for industry, trade or pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the ethanol sector.


Laborsituation mit Erlenmeyerkolben im Vordergrund und Menschen mit weißen Kitteln im Hintergrund

Technical alcohols

Our Nordbrand alcohol trading business offers a wide range of technical alcohols, such as neutral alcohol and rectified spirit, for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry - available in both large and small quantities.

All information on our technical alcohols

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Nahaufnahme einiger Flaschen der Nordbrand Nordhausen Spirituosen

Food alcohols

The Nordbrand alcohol trading business offers a wide range of grain fine distillates made from rye and wheat in various qualities for the production of food and spirits.

All information on our food alcohols

Download our flyer on alcohol trading here

Manufacturing process

Step 1

Whole grain delivery

Getreide wird in einem Behälter geschüttet

Step 2

Grinding in the in-house mill

Step 3

Production of the sweet mash

Step 4

Fermentation of the sweet mash

Innenaufnahme der Nordbrand Nordhausen Brennerei


Step 5

Distillation of the sweet mash / extraction of raw alcohol

Ansicht von der Gewinnung des Rohalkohols


Step 6

Rectification of raw alcohol

Destillationsvorgang bei Nordbrand Nordhausen


Step 7

Obtaining the distillate

Step 8

Finished distillates


We are constantly working on the quality of our products and our services. In addition to our own high standards, this includes regular certifications that prove our competence:

  • Certification under IFS
  • QS certification
  • for grain mash for foodstocks
  • Introduction and implementation of the HACCP concept since 1996
  • Regular validation and verification
  • Registration of our ethanol under the Reach Regulation

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