Nahaufnahme einiger Flaschen der Nordbrand Nordhausen Spirituosen

Food alcohols

In addition to the production of grain mash distillates for our spirits, we market a wide range of ethanol through the Nordbrand alcohol trading business. In addition to neutral alcohol or rectified spirit, we offer grain mash distillates from rye and wheat in various qualities for the production of grain, double grain, vodka and whisky as well as stored distillates in the food alcohol sector.

Our distillates are characterised by both traditional production and the many years of experience of our master distillers. Our production plant (distillery and rectification) enables us to respond to your wishes for the production of distillates.


Our product range at a glance

Alcohols for spirits and foodstuffs
Neutral alcohol / Primasprit   SKU 410 of at least 96.0% AbV
Neutral alcohol dehydrated SKU 510 of at least 99.8% AbV
Fine rye and wheat distillates of various grades as agreed    
Stored wine distillates      

Package sizes

We can offer you the following package sizes in which our ethanol is delivered:

  • 5, 10, 20 and 30 l canisters
  • 200-l drums
  • 1,000 l IBC
  • 30.000 l tanker truck


We are also ready to organise the appropriate transport of ethanol. Whether a local carrier for general loads or a tanker truck for food and technical alcohol. We have the right solution for every requirement.